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A different authentic gastronomic destination

For some it is a magical, exotic culinary destination…
For others it is an experience or a dream of a lifetime and…
For us at MYLO, it is a gastronomic destination full of flavours with spices and aromas that when combined with local staple foods, create spicy dishes

MYLO Indian & Ethnic Cousin

The culture of Indian cuisine in Stoupa, West Mani

Indian cuisine has influenced cuisines all over the world and no doubt it is very close to Greek eating habits because the staple foods it uses are fresh vegetables, rice, lentils, wholemeal flour, beans, peas, chickpeas and in meats (chicken, beef, lamb), less fish and shrimp.

Famous Chefs from all over the world inspired by the flavours and aromas of Indian cuisine, from the spicy and the spices like turmeric or curry to accompany the sauces, chicken or rice, they have managed to integrate it into Western food culture

but there is another similarity with Greek cuisine…

Indians, like Greeks, treat food as a ritual, respect the ingredients, have a long culinary history and observe tradition.


Indian food doesn’t necessarily mean spicy, you decide the intensity of the food.

Α gastronomical journey

In India cooking is considered an art, each ingredient is added at the right time to give it the right taste and aroma.   Their meals have a lot of spices where the exotic and intoxicating flavours of their dishes are due to them.

Note that according to a survey conducted, out of the 381 ingredients used in cooking all over the world, 200 of them are used in Indian cuisine in particular !!!!

The main spices we use in MYLO:

Gara masala: The most basic hot mixture of ground spices in Indian cuisine, with a strong sweet aroma and a strong peppery taste. Usually added at the end of cooking but can also be used in marinades. Suitable for chicken dishes, lamb kebabs, pilaf, pulses, soups, vegetables.

Tikka Masala: Spicy spice blend used in the most popular, classic Indian chicken recipe Ticca Masala.

Indian Masala: A combination of spicy spices, suitable for chicken, soups, meat, shrimp, pies, lamb, rice.

Turmeric: Has no taste and no special aroma. It has an intense golden colour which is due to a substance it has, curcumin, which gives a yellow colour to everything. It is the main ingredient in Indian cuisine and many curry mixtures. It goes well with poultry, meat, soups and pilafs.

Curry: The most famous spice blend in Indian cuisine. Its main ingredient is turmeric, which gives it its yellowish colour. Each curry varies in taste, colour, aroma, flavour and texture. It usually consists of pepper, mustard, cayenne, cloves, coriander, cilantro, chilli, ginger, etc.

Saffron: Saffron or crocus as it is otherwise called, is the styma of the saffron flower and is used in cooking as a spice. The philosophy of its use is similar to that of an expensive perfume: one drop is enough.

Pepper chilly powder: A hot pepper with a hot taste, which is involved in Indian cuisine to give its spicy taste and aroma to all its dishes.

Ginger: Spicy and slightly lemony, with tasty citrusy notes, with a rich and warm aroma; either in its fresh form or powdered, this root is used in a plethora of Indian recipes such as seafood, soups, drinks, spice blends.

Cardamom: It has a strong, distinctive flavor and is often found in Indian cuisine in beverages, soups, pilafs, marinades, pulses, shrimps, meat and poultry.

Coriander: The most common spice in Indian dishes. It has a citrus aroma, lemony flavour and goes well with basmati rice and baked potatoes among others.

Cumin: A warm spice that is also prevalent in oriental dishes. It has a slightly bitter taste and a heavy, intense, characteristic, sweet aroma.

Indian coconut: Dehydrated, grated coconut with the pleasant, mild and sweet aroma of the fruit and refreshing taste.

Garlic paste: The aroma and flavor of garlic in paste form. It goes well with meaty vegetables, fish and poultry.

Yellow curry paste: A spicy paste made from a mixture of yellow curry. It is ideal for use in soups and sauces. Suitable for chicken, shrimp, seafood, vegetables and fish.

Tamarind paste: Tamarind is a sour fruit that balances the sweet with the hot and salty.

Indian cuisine & weight loss

Nutrition experts say that: "The use of spices in our meals helps in SLIMMING !!!". Doctors say that: "The use of spices in our meals, primarily helps our health !!!". ... and both are true!!!! Eating Indian cuisine - and more specifically using plenty of spices in dishes with vegetables as the main ingredient - can help us lose a lot of weight and improve our health!